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What In The World Is Going On In Autism

All the blog posts based on Maureen Bennie’s monthly blog for the Autism Calgary Association. News, research, events relating to autism and ASD

Autism Awareness Centre Celebrates 11 Years

What strikes me most about the past 11 years is the development and increase of knowledge in the field of autism. There is a greater awareness about autism in the general public thanks to film, documentaries, blogs, websites, books and media coverage. I can remember when our bookstore started, we had 90 titles which was considered a a lot. Now, we have almost 700 titles and I add 5 new ones to the collection every month. The new additions to the literary scene have been wonderful, with books on education, speech development, communication, anxiety, challenging behaviour, medical management, personal accounts, and the growth of relationship literature because we are recognizing life partners who are on the spectrum.

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What in the World is Going On – December 2013 Edition

Last month, Suzanne Wright of Autism Speaks created an international controversy on her Call to Action plan to Washington.  Suzanne Wright is the co-founder of Autism Speaks, one of the largest autism organizations in the world. Autism advocacy is a big part of what they do. Ms. Wright’s Call to Action painted a bleak picture of what life with autism…

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What in the World Is Going On in Autism May 2013 Edition

A story that’s grabbing headlines this month is the Telford’s struggles with their adult son who has severe autism. Amanda Telford left her son at the Ottawa offices of Developmental Services Ontario, the Ontario government agency that connects adults with disabilities to services in the community because she said she can no longer care for him. Phillipe has complex needs…

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What in the World is Going On April 2013 Edition

April is Autism Awareness month. April 2nd marks World Autism Day, which was created by the United Nations in 2008. Autism Speaks celebrates this day with their Light It Up Blue Campaign. Check out their blog which gives daily updates as they count down until April 2nd. See how people around the world are planning to light it up blue…

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What in the World is Going On, February 2013 Edition

The beginning of the 2013 has been peppered with new research studies. Chuck Hensel, an author on the new research study which has identified 24 new gene variants associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), was published in PLoS ONE. Hensel is the senior manager of research at the genetic diagnostics company Lineagen. This research confirms that 31 variants previously linked to ASD may serve as useful genetic markers for identifying those with the condition.

Hensel worked with researchers from University of Utah and the Children’s Hospital of Philadephia and created a two-pronged approach for hunting down genetic markers of autism. “First, the researchers chose 55 people living with autism, all from families with many members diagnosed with ASDs. The scientists then sequenced the genomes of these subjects, and compared the genetic profiles to those from a reference population, using the Utah Genetics Reference Project. That allowed them to find regions where the autistic individuals differed from people without the disorder, and led to 153 gene variants, or genetic red flags for the condition.”

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