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Older Adults and Autism Spectrum Conditions

Older Adults and Autism Spectrum Conditions

Author: Wenn Lawson. Foreword by Carol Povey
Publishing Info: Paperback 208 pages / 2015
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The first book to look seriously at the practical issues facing older adults with autism spectrum conditions (ASC), Wenn Lawson’s groundbreaking handbook offers support, advice, and sensible ways in which to look at the issues.

Informed by current research, interviews with older people diagnosed with ASC and his own experience, the author covers a multitude of issues including dealing with transitions and changes to routine, communicating an individual’s particular needs and wishes to care home staff, the social and financial impact of retirement, mental health, and sensory and physical changes and challenges.

Older people with ASC and their family and friends, as well as the professionals supporting them, will find this an indispensable and accessible book.