School Success for Kids with Asperger Syndrome - Autism Awareness
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School Success for Kids with Asperger Syndrome

Author: Dr. Stephan Silverman and Rich Weinfeld
Publishing Info: Paperback 244 pages / May 2007

Hundreds of thousands of children face life with Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism spectrum disorder that affects a child’s language and social skills. Kids with Asperger’s have average to above-average intelligence, but often have obsessive interests, are socially awkward, and do not understand the subtleties of language and conversation. With concentrated effort on the part of parents and educators, these children can begin to overcome the difficulties of this disorder and find success in school and life.

School Success for Kids With Asperger’s Syndrome covers topics such as recognizing and diagnosing Asperger’s syndrome, addressing the needs of students with Asperger’s, implementing successful practices in the classroom, working with the school system, and providing interventions in the home to help develop needed skills.

The authors, leaders in the field of special education, combine the strategies they’ve used in working with this population with practical tools, advice, and case studies of students who have Asperger’s to give these students, their parents, and teachers guidance for success.