This is Asperger Syndrome

This is Asperger Syndrome

Author: Elisa Gagnon and Brenda Smith Myles, Illustrated by Sachi Tahara
Publishing Info: Softcover 24 pages / 1999

“My teacher says I’m rude. I think I’m honest. I don’t understand why I can’t tell someone that they have bad breath, ugly hair, or to go away because I’m busy……”

Through brief vignettes such as this, accompanied by black and white cartoon-like drawings, This Is Asperger Syndrome introduces siblings, peers and other children to the everyday challenges faced by children with Asperger Syndrome at home or at school. Written for children ages 6-12, the book may be read independently by older children and serves as an excellent springboard for further discussion led by parents and teachers. A special section, “Notes on Asperger Syndrome,” at the end of the book summarizes the major characteristics of Asperger Syndrome.

Also available in Spanish.



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