Designing Comprehensive Interventions for High Functioning Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Designing Comprehensive Interventions for High-Functioning Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Ziggurat Model-Release 2.0

Author: Ruth Aspy and Barry Grossman
Publishing Info: Paperback 390 pages / July 2011
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The award-winning Ziggurat Model, designed for individuals across the autism spectrum and across the lifespan, presents a process and framework for developing interventions for individuals of all ages with ASD consistent with current trends in education, including response to intervention (RtI), evidence-based practices, and positive behavioral supports. The Ziggurat Model 2.0 is newly updated and expanded with the latest research and a new version of the Underlying Characteristics Checklist for Early Intervention (UCC-EI), in addition to UCC-HF and UCC-CL for individuals with higher functioning and classic autism, respectively.