Newly Diagnosed Families E-Book - Autism Awareness

Newly Diagnosed Families E-Book

Author: Maureen Bennie
Publishing Info: E-Book 53 pages / April 2020
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Receiving an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis is a life-changing event at any age or any stage of life. For parents, it changes their hopes, dreams and expectations for their child. It impacts the parents’ relationship with each other, the family dynamic and relationships with extended family and friends.

Parents often feel overwhelmed in the beginning and want to do everything they can all at once. This can lead to frustration and burn out because autism is a lifelong journey and not a topic you can be knowledgeable about quickly. It takes time to adjust to the diagnosis, to find out what supports and strategies will work best your child.

The first questions parents ask themselves are where do we start? What do we do now? What kind of supports and services are available, how do we find them, and how do we access services? The answers to these questions will take time, research, and community connections with other parents and professionals who are familiar with what is available. It is a process to set up this new way of life.

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