Toilet Training E-Book - Autism Awareness

Toilet Training E-Book

Author: Maureen Bennie
Publishing Info: E-Book 22 pages / January 2020
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The most questions I am asked about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are about toileting difficulties. Why a person is having a toileting problem, or several, can be puzzling and many issues don’t seem to have a reason.

There can be challenging behaviors around toileting such as fecal smearing, elimination in different areas of the house, mess, and the unpredictability of elimination making it stressful to go places. It’s the skill parents also have a high degree of anxiety about.

I am a firm believer that every person can be toilet trained unless there is a true physical or medical problem that prevents them from doing so. Successful toilet training opens up a new world for an individual. It gives them independence, privacy, access to more programs, allows for a greater diversity of staff/help, acceptance from others, and increases personal safety.

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