Adalyn’s Clare

Adalyn’s Clare

Author: Kari Dunn Buron
Publishing Info: Paperback / September 2012
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Although Adalyn is brilliant in academics and has highly developed, special interests, she is filled with fear and prefers to be alone as she finds most human beings confusing and annoying. Adalyn’s best friends are the animals in the science room, which is just about her favorite place in the whole wide world. But then comes Clare… Clare is a therapy puppy who has been assigned to help Adalyn find friends. This is a big assignment for a three-month-old puppy, but she doesn’t have to figure it all out on her own. Clare draws support from memories of her own mother’s wisdom, some really caring teachers; and the life lessons of a friendly ferret, two very smart rats, an exotic bird and a three-legged, guinea pig. Their stories will entertain, delight and amaze you.

With the release of Adalyn’s Clare, author Kari Dunn Buron, hopes to draw attention to the realities of social anxiety, the importance of teaching relaxation and other coping strategies and the need for teachers and loved ones to help create valuing relationships for children who have difficulty making friends, like Adalyn. Recommended for young readers in grades 3-6.


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