From Sentence to Narrative - Autism Awareness
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From Sentence to Narrative

From Sentence to Narrative

Author: Marilyn M. Toomey, Illustrated by Susan Christy-Pallo
Publishing Info: Spiral Bound 129 pages / November 2005
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This book will help you transition students from talking in simple sentences to formulating sentence combinations, writing paragraphs, recounting an experience and reciting a personal narrative. The student will start by listening to a story and then answering questions relating to what they heard. Soon they will be able to look at pictures and create their own story. You can guide students to develop or reconstruct sentences by offering them prompts, as the students look at picture pages as you use the guide pages. Using this interactive pattern, students will “practice” telling a lot of information about themselves, family members, friends or special events in their own lives. This interactive book also enables learners to retell the events of simple stories in logical order, using pictures and concepts from The Ugly Duckling and The Little Red Hen.


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