Talking In Sentences - Autism Awareness
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Talking In Sentences

Talking In Sentences

Author: Marilyn M. Toomey, Illustrated by Susan Christy-Pallo
Publishing Info: Spiral Bound 129 pages / 2004
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Help your student go from one or two word utterances to speaking in full sentences! This book presents over 50 lessons, each devoted to a particular sentence element or pattern referred to as a target. The goal of each lesson is for your student to express the target in sentences. A picture page for the student illustrates the concept expressed by each target. A corresponding text page for the teacher presents the steps involved in teaching each target. Each lesson includes a Target, an Introduction, a Listen and Respond Section, a Talk About Section and a Let’s Talk Section, with each part focusing on a particular element of sentence formulation. This is a wonderful way of helping students express themselves clearly – in full sentences!


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