All About Autism - A Practical Guide for Secondary Teachers - Autism Awareness

All About Autism – A Practical Guide for Secondary Teachers

Author: Lynn McCann
Publishing Info: Paperback 132 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations / May 2023
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All About Autism is an accessible and informative guide for secondary school teachers, designed to increase their knowledge and understanding of autism and enhance their toolkit with practical, adaptable strategies to support autistic learners in their care.

The book initially explores key traits and terminology, debunks myths and misconceptions, and shines a light on the strengths and abilities of autistic learners. It then introduces readers to a range of easy-to-implement ideas for practice and concrete solutions to provide further support, all with the child at the heart. All About Autism includes:

  • Practical strategies tailored to the secondary key stages with current research broken down into easily digestible chunks
  • A focus on adaptive teaching and how to implement key strategies in different subject areas
  • Guidance on a range of topics, from supporting students with mental health and anxiety to managing group work, class work, writing difficulties, homework and exams
  • Strategies to support an understanding of puberty, relationships and sex education
  • Approaches to foster autistic pride and to promote positive attitudes to diversity in all its forms
  • Easy to dip in and out of chapters with signposting to further research, resources and support

Taking a celebratory approach, the guide focuses on difference rather than deficit and weaves together the voices of autistic learners and parents alongside practical examples of what high-quality and adapted teaching should look like. It will be essential reading for all secondary school educators, SENCOs and parents who are supporting autistic learners aged 11-16.