I Get It! Building Social Thinking and Reading Comprehension Through Book Chats

I Get It! Building Social Thinking and Reading Comprehension Through Book Chats

Author: Audra Jensen
Publishing Info: Paperback 143 pages / October 2011

New from Michelle Garcia Winner’s Think Social Publishing!

Reading comprehension is more than being able to read words and sentences…

How many parents and classroom teachers have experienced the child who can read, often at an early age, but can’t seem to grasp the meaning behind a sentence, or struggles to interpret story lines or the characters’ perspectives or emotions?

Reading comprehension is more than decoding words. It depends less on language comprehension and more on a student’s social thinking ability. Yet little has been written from this point of view. Until now. Author Audra Jensen brilliantly illuminates the synergistic relationship between social thinking and reading comprehension. Teachers, administrators, parents, and clinicians alike will appreciate her positive, practical approach to helping children learn to read for meaning.

Contents include:
• Discussion of the research available on reading comprehension and its relationship to social thinking
• An organized teaching approach called Book Chat that uses children’s literature, often picture books, to teach social thinking and improve reading comprehension
• Teacher-tested strategies for in-classroom use, aligned with current educational standards
• Numerous examples of Book Chat literature, organized to teach specific Social Thinking® concepts
• IEP goal ideas and examples

Suitable for primary school to late elementary grades and middle school students


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