Taking CHARGE of My Rainbow of Emotions

Taking CHARGE of My Rainbow of Emotions

Author: Dolly Bhargava
Publishing Info: Paperback 188 pages / June 2014
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Are you looking for the perfect way to provide better tools for individuals with autism spectrum disorder? There is help! Identifying, expressing, and dealing with their emotions in a socially acceptable way poses challenges for many children with autism spectrum disorder and related disorders. Starting with a checklist for assessing one’s emotions, this innovative resource goes on to provide caregivers with a framework for giving students the tools they need to become effective emotional managers.

Using the visual of a tool belt, strategies are grouped into the following categories: Chat Tools, Help Thinking Tools, Amusement Tools, and Exercise Tools – all tools have proven helpful for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, who struggle with social-emotional challenge. Lots of forms and visuals make this a practical and ready-to-use guide for any caregiver.


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