Unstuck and On Target! Ages 11-15 - Autism Awareness

Unstuck and On Target! Ages 11-15

Author: John Strang, Lauren Kenworthy, Ph.D., Lynn Cannon, M.Ed., Katie C. Alexander, M.S., OTR, Monica Adler Werner, M.A., Cara E. Pugliese, Ph.D., Laura Gutermuth Anthony, Ph.D.
Publishing Info: Paperback 248 pages / 2024
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The popular, evidence-based Unstuck and On Target! curriculum has helped elementary school students across the country develop critical flexibility, planning, and organization skills. Now there’s a version of Unstuck for ages 11–15—with all-new lessons specially designed to help middle school students build the strong executive function skills they need to manage more complex independent work.

The curriculum includes 23 lessons on topics that are key to success in school and life: flexibility, big-picture thinking, planning, compromising, and self-monitoring. These 45-minute lessons are taught in small groups in any setting, including general and special education classrooms, pull-out groups, or after-school clubs. Through catchy scripts, memorable visuals, engaging role-plays, and positive reinforcement, students will learn skills that will help them in middle school and beyond. Lessons and scripts build on each other, and students get many opportunities to practice and generalize their new skills to school, home, and community settings.

With this proven, highly effective approach to executive function intervention, middle school students will develop the skills they need to set and reach goals, flexibly collaborate with peers, use organization strategies independently, and lay the groundwork for a bright future.

Unstuck and On Target! Benefits:

Explicitly designed for middle school students. Developed with the input of young teens, this new version of Unstuck speaks to the challenges of students in this age range and helps them be flexible, well-regulated problem-solvers.
Helpful for a wide range of students. While Unstuck was designed for students on the autism spectrum, it can help any student who struggles with executive function, including those with disabilities such as ADHD.
Meets the needs of MTSS Tier 2 learners. This curriculum is one of the few tailored to the needs of Tier 2 students who need more focused instruction.
Engaging and easy to implement. You’ll get explicit, step-by-step routines, scripts, and age-appropriate activities that keep students engaged as they learn.
-Ideal for in-person and virtual classrooms: includes digital posters, home extension activities, and digital student and parent workbooks.

Student workbook also available.