Book: Moving_Out–A_Family_Guide_to_Residential_Planning_for_Adults_with_Disabilities

Moving Out – A Family Guide to Residential Planning for Adults with Disabilities

Author: Dafna Krouk-Gordon & Barbara D. Jackins
Publishing Info: Paperback 226 pages / 2013
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Finding the right residential situation for an adult child with an intellectual disability doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The authors share decades of experience counseling families on housing options to help parents prepare themselves and their children for a new living arrangement. Discover the universal considerations most families should face before putting plans in place:

  • Planning early
  • Residential models
  • DIY or hire an agency?
  • Costs & funding
  • Hiring staff
  • Group living
  • Legal ownership

Use this authoritative guide (full of checklists and forms) to make educated decisions and secure the housing that’s best for your child and family.