The Spectrum Girl's Survival Toolkit - Autism Awareness

The Spectrum Girl’s Survival Toolkit

Author: Siena Castellon
Publishing Info: Paperback 276 pages / June 2021
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A companion to the bestseller The Spectrum Girl’s Survival Guide, this essential toolkit workbook for teen autistic girls gives you the coping strategies needed to overcome the challenges that may be holding you back. Using clinically proven techniques like mindfulness, acceptance, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), autistic teenager Siena Castellon shares her experiences, strategies, and tools to help you thrive at home, at school, and beyond. This friendly workbook is filled with autism-focused practical advice and interactive exercises on managing social anxiety, sensory overload, making and maintaining friendships, and more.

In this fun and engaging 275-page, full-color workbook, you’ll find:

More than 100 different exercises and activities – You’ll learn how to succeed in school, reframe negative thoughts, safeguard your mental health, and practice self-care.

How to tap into the power of your character strengths to become the best version of yourself – You’ll be encouraged thinking more positively, and investing in your future, and much more!

Throughout this relatable book, Siena shares her struggles and victories of being autistic to remind you that you are not alone and that you’re awesome and autistic.


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