Women on the Spectrum - Autism Awareness
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Women on the Spectrum

Author: Dr. Emma Goodall and Yenn Purkiss
Publishing Info: Paperback 262 pages / September 2020
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Have you ever had someone tell you that your social skills aren’t very good? What do they mean?

Do you need practical tips for applying for jobs and attending interviews?

Are you moving from home for the first time? What do you need to know to best equip yourself?

This book is a unique handbook on life for autistic women, written by autistic women. Its primary purpose is to enable girls and women on the autism spectrum to learn from the authors’ and others’ mistakes most effectively!

This book is structured in a helpful question and answer format that covers a large variety of topics asked by autistic women on all walks of life.

With over 120 questions and using this practical format, readers are able to dip in and out, getting the information and answers they need, when they need it without having to read an entire chapter.