How to Talk to an Autistic Kid

How to Talk to an Autistic Kid

Author: Daniel Stefanski
Publishing Info: Hardcover 48 pages / 2014
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While many young people know kids with autism, they often find it hard to relate to them. That’s because the behavior of autistic kids can seem off-putting and antisocial, even though the person with autism wants to be friends. This is frustrating for autistic kids and for their peers, and often leads to avoiding, ignoring, excluding—or bullying and teasing.

In How to Talk to an Autistic Kid, a 14-year-old boy describes what it’s like being autistic. With frankness and optimism, author Daniel Stefanski provides personal stories, clear explanations, and supportive advice about how to get along with kids with autism.

How to Talk to an Autistic Kid answers many questions readers might have about their autistic peers, like:

  • Why does my autistic friend sometimes talk too loud or stand too close?
  • Why does she talk so much about the same topic over and over?
  • He won’t even look at me. Does he really want to be friends?
  • Why does she complain about the lights (or the noise, or the smell)?
  • Why does it seem like my friend doesn’t understand what I’m saying?
  • Is he smart?
  • How should I act when we’re together?
  • What can we do together?
  • What can I do to help autistic kids?

Always straightforward and often humorous, How to Talk to an Autistic Kid will give readers (kids and adults alike) the confidence and tools needed to befriend kids with autism. They’ll also feel like they’ve made a friend already—Daniel.

“Even though my brain is different, I’m still a kid. I like to have fun and want to have friends.”
—Daniel Stefanski

Suitable for ages 8 and up.


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