Introduction to the Low Arousal Approach Online Training - September 26, 2024 - Autism Awareness

Introduction to the Low Arousal Approach Online Training – September 26, 2024

September 26, 2024 – 9 am – 3:30 pm Mountain Time

Featuring Low Arousal Trainer Jill Wur

The one day, 6 hour Low Arousal Training focuses primarily on practical, non-confrontational approaches to supporting individuals who experience significant stress and present behaviours that may be difficult to manage. Training encourages support providers to focus on the person rather than the behaviour and try to understand the underlying causes of the behaviour, rather than viewing it as a problem that needs to be solved. Course participants are also introduced to a range of proactive and reactive strategies as well as being given opportunities to reflect on their own behaviour and how this may impact the behaviour of others. Time is also devoted to the development of effective coping strategies that can help support providers manage their own stress and anxieties around the individuals and behaviours they work with.

Course discussions include:

The Law
Causes of Behaviour
Low Arousal/Anatomy of an Incident
Emotional Debriefing
PERMA Model of Wellness
Management of vs Changing a Behaviour

Attendees are expected to be present for the entire session with their video turned on and encouraged to participate in all discussions.

A certificate will be issued to participants who both participate and complete the 6 hour session. The one day, 6 hour Low Arousal Training is an introduction to the theory behind the Studio 3, 3-day Low Arousal Training.

Who can take this training?

This training is designed for professionals, but parents will find this course helpful too. Please note, parents – the law portion of the course may be triggering for some people depending on your past experiences. The course is limited to 15 participants. Once the course is sold out, you can be placed on a waiting list by sending an email to .

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will be accepted until September 19th, 2024. After that date, there will be no refunds for cancellations or no shows. We would ask that you find someone to take your place on the training.

Schedule (Times listed are in Mountain Time)

Start- 9:00 am

Break – 10:00 am

Lunch – 11:45 am – 12:15 pm

Finish by 3:30 pm


Jill Wur, Low Arousal Senior Trainer

Jill Wur was an educator in the Lord Selkirk School Division (LSSD) in Selkirk, Manitoba for 34 years. She started her career as a classroom teacher in Phys. Ed. and Music. She continued on as a classroom teacher before becoming an administrator at the LSSD Regional Support Centre (a centre that worked with and supported vulnerable and at risk youth).

For the last 6 years of her teaching career, Jill was a Behaviour Intervention Support Teacher and a Studio 3, Low Arousal Approaches Trainer for the LSSD. Jill is both passionate about working with and supporting students that present behaviours of concern and just as equally working with and supporting staff who support these individuals in distress. She continues to work with Studio 3 Canada as a Senior Low Arousal Approaches Trainer and Junior Assessor. As she assisted with the implementation of LA in LSSD from the ground up, she has been able to support other trainers and staff in many divisions across Manitoba.

Jill has been very grateful for the opportunities she has had to assist the Senior LA Trainers from the UK with the Train the Trainer Program (TT in Winnipeg, B.C., Calgary and in Nova Scotia). Working with Studio 3 UK and Studio 3 Canada has given her the wonderful gift of continuous learning.

$125/Per Person(Space is limited to 15)

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