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It’s Time To Update Classroom Strategies For Those With ASD

September means back to school, transitions, and changes in routines. Judy Endow, an adult with autism, wrote a blog post about changing classroom strategies, asking us to alter the way we do things based on past knowledge in light of new information. This is good advice for all of us as autism is a relatively new field where knowledge is rapidly changing, challenging our long-held views which may no longer be applicable.

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What in the World Is Going On in Autism – December 2014 Edition

This month in our blog: parents of children with autism often worry about a younger sibling being affected as well. Baudouin Forgeot d’Arc published an excellent study on why people with autism have difficulty judging facial expressions. Police find it challenging to interact, interview and question witnesses and suspects with autism. For children with Autism, sitting on Santa’s knee is not always an option. Mental health issues in adults with ASD is still a neglected area of support and intervention. Not all children can sit at a desk in school; therefore, classrooms should offer alternative seating options.

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