Tanzania Entry 8 - Autism Awareness

Tanzania Entry 8


We left for Bagomoyo this morning on the express bus and arrived at the Livingston Hotel where we are treating ourselves to a night and day at this lovely beach resort. William used to work here and recommended it to us. It is lovely and has high speed internet. I might even be able to send you some photos tomorrow!

The other day at the internet non-cafe (which had three old Compaq computers on a dial up service), I met a young woman who was in the Peace Corp teaching Science at a Secondary school in Soni. We got to chatting and it turns out she and I went to the same high school (just thirty years difference in time). Pretty funny! We saw only 5 other white people during the 5 days we were in Lushoto. Oh, another funny sight walking along the road to Lushoto, a Masai dressed in traditional garb, carrying a long spear as a staff, wearing white plastic sandals and talking on a cell phone. Will sign off for now but will try and write one more note tomorrow after we explore Bagomoyo. tanzania_8_2

It would make me very happy to get a little bit of news from the home front……I am missing you all and feeling homesick.

Please forgive all my spelling errors. I can not find spell check and I am too tired to proof. We had a lovely dinner on the beach. The sky was filled with stars and the Indian Ocean was beautiful with the full moon shining on it. Today we are off to explore Bagomoyo, a town where slaves were gathered up before being sent to Zanzibar. Bagomoyo means “throw down my heart”.

Lala salama,


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