Vermeulen, Peter - Autism Awareness
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Conference speaker Peter Vermeulen

Vermeulen, Peter, Ph.D.

Peter Vermeulen, MSc and PhD in Psychology and Educational Sciences, has worked with people with ASD and their families for more than 30 years. He is a Senior lecturer at Autisme Centraal, a training and education centre for autism spectrum disorders. Peter is an internationally respected lecturer/trainer and he presents all over Europe and beyond. Peter has written more than 15 books and several articles on autism. His books include, “This is the title: on autistic thinking” (2001), “I am Special: handbook for psycho-education” (2000, revised edition 2013), and “Autism as Context Blindness” (2012), a book than won several awards in the USA.

Vermeulen, Peter's Past Conference Schedule

October 26, 2018
"Autism as Context Blindness: Absolute Thinking in a Relative World"