Welcome to Autism Awareness Centre Inc.
We’re here for you during COVID-19, providing information and resources like we always have for the past 17 years. Let us know how we can help.

Welcome to Autism Awareness Centre Inc.

Autism Awareness Centre hosts conferences across Canada and the UK, while ensuring books, articles and resource supports are readily available to all communities keeping parents and professionals on the cutting edge of new information. Autism Awareness Centre is leading the way because we “believe in change”.

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Webinars and Online Resources

Autistically Thriving!

Featuring Judy Endow

Based on the foundation of Judy’s newest book Autistically Thriving,  this one-hour webinar will begin with a shift in how autistic support is thought about and implemented. Rather than supporting deficits (as is typical in the field of autism), Judy starts with who autistic people are and how they comfortably function, going over key elements of taking in, processing, storing and retrieving information.

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Evidence Based Practices for Teaching Social Skills

Featuring Jennifer M. Schmidt and Megan R. Barrett

There are 27 Evidence Based Practices for students with autism (NCAEP, 2020) and many of these EBP’s are highly effective when teaching social skills to students on the spectrum. Through this webinar you will learn about the 7 EBP’s consistently used in the PEERspective Model. This model was created by Jennifer more than 15 years ago and many districts have adopted it with similar success. Learn about how to implement your own PEERspective Model and/or how to use EBP’s in your setting to successfully teach social skills to students with autism.

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How to Incorporate Structured Strategies into Everyday Life

Featuring Amy Gaffney

Strategies that provide structure and predictability help individuals on the spectrum better understand a given situation, which leads to greater success and independence.   This webinar will discuss three structured strategies that can be used throughout a person’s day:  structured language supports, visual schedules, and work systems.  These strategies are often introduced at school but should also be extended into a child’s home and community, and continue to be utilized into adulthood.  Participants will have the opportunity to make an action plan as they learn more ways to utilize structured strategies throughout the day.

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Using Attribution Retraining to Improve Problem-Solving and Self-Regulation

Featuring Sherry A. Moyer, MSW, LSW

This workshop gives audience members an opportunity to learn the critical role of assessing our circumstances, identifying our options and then taking action to improve the situation BEFORE it becomes a crisis. Using a side-by-side comparison of real-life examples for both children and adults, the presentation gives a practical approach to recognizing disruptive effects of negative or hostile attribution patterns on self-regulation and immediate steps that everyone can take to promote positive attribution and successful outcomes.

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Sensory Issues and Emotions: A Guide to Assisting Children and Adolescents with Self-Awareness and Strategy Development

Featuring Lauren H. Kerstein

With this presentation, participants will be given the opportunity to engage in a deeper exploration of sensory issues and the impact they have on our emotions, mental health system and self-regulation. The presentation will guide participants through developing a better understanding of sensory challenges and strategies that might effectively assist a child with increasing his/her ability to understand and manage sensory issues.

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Understanding and Supporting Children with ASD for a Positive Future

Featuring Maureen Bennie

How we support children with ASD today affects future outcomes. By increasing our knowledge of ASD, understanding learning difficulties and strengths, and effectively addressing core concerns such as communication, sensory issues and challenging behavior, we can create positive, trusting relationships that foster happiness and well-being. So how do we get there? This webinar explores a number of ways to provide the best support for children, while also understanding that what we do today can build a positive future.

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Designing Sensory Spaces for Children and Teens at Home

Featuring Paula Aquilla, OT

Parents and children are spending more time together during COVID. Schools have been closed and restrictions have been made on community spaces, making home ‘the space’ for everyone. In this webinar, you will learn what to consider when designing your space and how to enlist your child in designing the space they will use. The same space can have more than one purpose – learn how to change the space with multiple purposes in mind.

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About Our Autism Conferences in Canada and the UK

Conferences and workshops provided by the Autism Awareness Centre (AACI) are designed to provide all parents and professionals with up-to-date and relevant information, and resources and skills that can be immediately implemented into the care and training of those who have autism or other related disabilities.

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Autism Q & As

What is a sensory diet?

A sensory diet, first created by occupational therapists Wilbarger and Wilbarger (1991) , is an individualized plan of physical activities and accommodations to help a person meet their sensory needs. This...
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Last post: September 24, 2021


The health and safety of our autism community and beyond is at the forefront for Autism Awareness Centre Inc. For the first time in our 17 years as a company, we had to cancel our April conferences in Ottawa, ON and Halifax, NS. Gatherings for any purpose must not take place during this global response to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of these recent events, Autism Awareness Centre Inc. (AACI) has been hard hit. Conferences, trainings and sales from our bookstore are what keep us going as we operate with no sponsorship, funding or grants of any kind. There are small things you can do to help us keep going and continue the global work that we do.

We are taking steps to offer new ways of learning. For example, we have launched a series of inexpensive E-books with more to come. We will offer webinars in the near future to support on-going development and education for families and professionals.

If you need any resources, we have a wide selection of products in our bookstore. The proceeds from the bookstore go directly back into AACI operations. We are continuing to process orders quickly and efficiently. Please order from us if you need something.

When we can offer our conferences and trainings again, please support them by attending. We will continue to offer a wide variety of topic and world class speakers at our conferences across Canada.

Thank you for your kind words of support during this difficult time for all of us. I am still here writing, answering your e-mails, and posting important information on our Facebook page. If you need any help, I will continue to do my best to find answers for you. Stay safe and stay well in these uncertain times we are facing.