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Autism Resources in Alberta

Our list of best links, tools, and resources in Alberta to help support Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s), and related disorders.

Health Help Alberta

We are a team of students motivated by personal struggles–and the struggles of those we know–to navigate the healthcare system and find appropriate resources for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), especially within families such as immigrants who are hindered by limited English language literacy. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for such families, and to help them take advantage of the several programs that are available to them.

Helper Heroes

An online platform that builds caregiver-family partnerships for those affected by disability and the elderly population. With HelperHeroes®, families receive the home care services they deserve, the way they want it — and caregivers choose positions that work for them (while earning more!)

Hoffman Centre of Integrative Medicine – Calgary

Our practices infuse a blend of Eastern and Western, traditional and complementary approaches together with leading technology. Led by Dr. Bruce Hoffman, a medical doctor and impassioned healer, the Hoffman team includes the industry’s most qualified professionals. Together, we utilize a multi-level process of assessment to prevent and treat disease and imbalance. Works with people with autism.

I’m for Kids Team

An Early Intervention Program featuring a full range of supports and services to preschool children with special needs in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Insight and Growth

Calgary psychological practice that deals with patients with Asperger Syndrome and related disabilities.

Janus Academy

An accredited independent private school meeting the unique educational needs of school-aged children with autism. The goal of the Janus Academy is to provide an intensive individualized educational program for each student.

KAMPS (Kinesiology and Meta-cognitive Psychological Services)

Offers specialized assessment and programming for children and youth who have difficulty acquiring fine and/or gross motor skills. The specialized KAMPS clinics and one-on-one assessments are led by Dr. Paulene Kamps and designed to help children and teens who struggle with poor motor coordination.

Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta

A registered charity that provides information and support for people with learning disabilities. A voluntary, not-for-profit organization of parents, professionals and other concerned people, the LDAA works locally through its chapters and provincially to promote understanding and improved services for children and adults with learning disabilities.

ND Psych

Neurodiverse psychologist Iain Dolan specializes in assessing adults. This service is only available for adults who are in Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or the Yukon.

New Age Services Inc.

Provides family respite, residential care, complex behavior support and community outreach for those with developmental disabilities.

New Heights Early Learning Services

New Heights Early Learning Services is dedicated to developing learners who are able to be successfully integrated into regular-stream elementary schools of their choice. This means that the children will have learned strategies, skills and attitudes necessary to join age peers in group settings and succeed to the best of their abilities.