Saskatchewan Archives - Autism Awareness

Autism Resources in Saskatchewan

Our list of best links, tools, and resources in Saskatchewan to help support Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s), and related disorders.

Autism Early Childhood Therapy Program

The program is for preschool children who have a diagnosis of autism or pervasive developmental disorder. Enrollment is limited. Children living within the boundaries of the Saskatoon Health Region and the five school division partners are eligible.

Autism Services

A provincial, charitable organization, dedicated to providing quality treatment, educational and advocacy services to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families. We are committed to assisting individuals realize their potential.

Cosmopolitan Learning Centre (Cosmo)

A non profit corporation that provides life skills training, opportunities for community and in house employment, volunteer experience in the community, as well as recreational and social activities for adults with intellectual and accompanying physical disabilities.

Office of Disability Issues

Serves as a focal point for government initiatives on disabilities. The Office is a vehicle for collaboration and partnership with the disability community.

Saskatchewan Abilities Council

Works with people of varying abilities to enhance their independence and participation in the community through vocational, rehabilitation and recreational services.

Saskatchewan Association for Community Living (SACL)

A non-profit organization that ensures citizens who have an intellectual disability are full, active and valued members of society, and that they have worthwhile opportunities and a range of choices in all aspects of life.

Saskatchewan Learning

The mandate of the Department is to advance the social, economic and personal well-being of Saskatchewan people. This is accomplished through leadership and support programs from Early Childhood Development, through Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, to technical training and post-secondary education, and public library services.

Wascana Rehabilitation Centre

The Wascana Rehabilitation Centre provides comprehensive medical rehabilitation programs for adults and children, as well as specialized long-term care.