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Autism Resources in United Kingdom

Organizations, tools and resources for individuals with Autism and ASD (Asperger’s), and their caregivers in the United Kingdom, UK.

Mental Health Foundation

Founded in 1949, the Mental Health Foundation is a leading UK charity that provides information, carries out research, campaigns and works to improve services for anyone affected by mental health problems, whatever their age and wherever they live.

Mouse Trial (UK)

MouseTrial is a fun game designed for kids with autistic spectrum disorders. It’s based on the method of discrete trial therapy which is used in most ABA programs.

North East Autism Society

Committed to understanding the interests, aspirations and dreams of each person referred to their service. Works with children and adults who have an autism spectrum disorder in the North East of England.

PAPA (Parents & Professionals & Autism), Ireland

Formed in 1989 by a group of concerned parents and professionals. We are a registered charity in N Ireland. PAPA seeks to ensure that people within the Autistic Spectrum and their carers have access to appropriate services, enabling people with Autism to be valued members of their community.

Parents for Inclusion (UK)

Parents for Inclusion is a network of parents of disabled children and children with ‘special needs’. In our families and as an organization we have worked together with disabled people to build inclusive communities in ordinary life, where all people are truly welcome.

PDA Society UK

This organization was first established in 1997 by parents of children with a PDA profile of autism. The PDA Society became a registered charity in January 2016. They provide information, support and training for those living and working with PDA and work to raise awareness, increase acceptance and empower people to take action in relation to PDA.

Rebound Therapy Dot Org

Rebound Therapy it is the use of trampolines to provide therapeutic exercise and therapy for people with a wide range of special needs.This website exists to provide an opportunity for those involved in Rebound Therapy to publish and share their experiences and for students and practitioners to find and request information.

Research Autism

The only UK charity exclusively dedicated to research into interventions in autism. We carry out high quality, independent research into new and existing health, education, social and other interventions. Our goal is the improvement of quality of life and outlook for the individuals affected and those around them.


A charitable organisation that exists to promote excellence in services for children and young people who have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

SEN Assist

SEN Assist is a range of highly motivating ICT learning tools for students with Special Educational Needs, allowing an individual education to be a realistic expectation. Developed by special needs teachers for teachers.

Sense Toys

Educational toys and games for children with special needs.


Sense is the UK’s leading organisation for children or adults who are deafblind or have associated disabilities.

Talk About Autism

UK’s largest online autism community. We have a team of moderators – and it’s friendly – our community is supportive and welcoming to new members. You can discuss anything related to autism.