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Autism Resources in Nova Scotia

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Alexander Society

Provides arts-based educational programs to children and teens with special needs, resources for people working with special needs populations, organizes workshops and special guest speakers, produces materials such as videos and workbooks, and promotes the inclusion of people with special needs into their communities.

Autism Atlantic Consulting Services

Offers professional development and private consulting services to families, agencies, businesses and school districts both locally and internationally. A Nova Scotia registered company.

Bridgeway Academy

A Designated Special Education Private School (DSEPS) in the province of Nova Scotia. Provides individualized programming for students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities (LD) and/or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Students are average or above-average intelligence, but struggle with a specific neurological disorder that impacts their ability to store, process, retrieve or communicate information.

Early Intervention Nova Scotia

Providing family centred services to families of children with special needs, aged birth to 6, in their own homes.

Evergreen Home for Special Care

The facility, which is licensed to provide 24-hour nursing coverage, is comprised of a Childrens’ Unit for 20 children plus one respite bed and a Seniors’ Unit consisting of 97 residents plus one respite bed.

Halifax Association for Community Living

A volunteer- directed, not-for-profit organization seeking to ensure that persons challenged with an intellectual disability take their rightful place in the community.

Landmark East School

Meeting the needs of students ages 11 to 19 years diagnosed with learning disabilities including dyslexia and attention deficit disorder through its Middle and High School programs.

Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers

Promotes and regulates the practice of social work so its members can provide a high standard of service that respects diversity, promotes social justice, and enhances the worth, self- determination and potential of individuals, families and communities.

Provincial Autism Centre

A non-profit association located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are a professionally run Resource Centre, helping parents and professionals across the province access quality information about autism spectrum disorders (autism). We provide respectful, understanding and confidential services to individuals and families as needed.

Society for Treatment of Autism Nova Scotia

A non-profit charity, which develops and provides community based treatment, education, and residential support services to individuals with autism and other developmental disorders and their families.

Technical Resource Centre

Promotes education in the area of technology solutions for citizens with a disability and or health challenge.