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Therapies Resources in Canada

Looking specifically for therapies, or therapists that can help with autism related disorders? Search or help and resources area for all information pertaining to "therapies".

Open Sky Co-operative Ltd.

Provides home, vocational assistance and a caring community for adults who require supports to improve their quality of life. They offer a summer Therapeutic Horticulture and Pre-Vocational Skills Development program for adults from mid-May until October 2014.

Ottawa Therapy Dogs

Promotes an understanding of the values and benefits (enhanced physical, emotional and communication abilities) of the animal-human bond by offering a mutually beneficial and safe interaction with companion animals.

Rain & Shine Behavioural Counselling Ltd.

Rain & Shine promotes the use of natural and logical consequences, “Applied Behavioural Analysis” while promoting the use of “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy” (C.B.T.) to address behavioural issues.

Society of Artists for Autism (SAFA)

A non-profit organization of artists, academics and advocates, striving to make meaningful connections between health care professionals, educators, the autism advocacy community and the grassroots arts communities in the Province of Nova Scotia and all over the planet.

The Alberta Association of Rehabilitation Centres (AARC)

AARC’s mandate is to provide support to rehabilitation service providers of community-based services for people with disabilities. The goal is to ensure quality service delivery for clients. In fulfilling this mandate, AARC does not limit its support exclusively to its members. The association’s education, accreditation and advocacy efforts also have a positive effect on organizations outside the umbrella.

The Listening Centre

At the Listening Centre, we help people of all ages develop and improve learning, language and communication skills through a listening training program of sound stimulation, voice training and counselling.

Wascana Rehabilitation Centre

The Wascana Rehabilitation Centre provides comprehensive medical rehabilitation programs for adults and children, as well as specialized long-term care.