Writing Skills Activities for Special Children - Autism Awareness
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Writing Skills Activities for Special Children

Writing Skills Activities for Special Children

Author: Darlene Mannix
Publishing Info: Paperback 560 pages / December 2004
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Now available in lay flat, paperback edition, here’s the book you need to help elementary students with special needs develop basic writing skills, relate writing to real-life tasks, and explore writing as a creative, enjoyable event! The book includes 135 step-by-step lessons and 269 illustrated activity sheets. It moves from copying words and completing sentences to processing the writing reports and stories, from filling out necessary forms to taking class notes, writing a letter, and addressing an envelope. For quick access and easy use, the lessons and activities are organized into four sections:

  1. Writing Words
  2. Writing Sentences
  3. Writing Paragraphs
  4. Other Types of Writing Activities



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