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Autism and Us – Old as Time: A Social History of Autism

Author: Eustacia Cutler
Publishing Info: Paperback 186 pages / September 2022
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Autism is old and unruly. It’s been a part of us since we first left handprints on cave walls 40,000 years ago. AUTISM AND US covers a long-stretch view of its neurological history and how society has judged it.

With quotes from old medical records, folk-tale beliefs, and Victorian literature, the book conjures up the 19th century- mix of ignorance, cruelty, fumbling knowledge, and surprising love that led to the first medical recognition of autism as a social disorder. From that medically significant recognition has grown our present day neurological and cognitive understanding.

Eustacia Cutler, autism expert and mother of Temple Grandin, delivers a colorful and reliable account of the pioneers it has taken for autism to gain understanding and acceptance in families, neighborhoods, schools and job markets.