Life Skills E-Book - Autism Awareness

Life Skills E-Book

Author: Maureen Bennie
Publishing Info: E-Book 33 pages / February 2020
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Life skills encompass a broad range of skills such as cooking, self-care, household chores, employment, personal safety, self-advocacy, money management, and executive function skills. Practice of these skills is on-going and ever changing as needs, circumstances, and goals evolve.

These skills are practiced from a young age and often begin at home with household chores. School programs should provide instruction on life skills because of the length of time it takes to reach mastery of a skill. Employment or volunteering provides more scope for the acquisition of skills and training.

While we often think of life skills leading to independence, we also need to think of “interdependence” because none of us truly functions alone. We all depend on others to help us with tasks we aren’t good at, we share the workload in a job or community, we offer to do things we can do, and we work in partnership with community members to ensure our health, safety and well-being.

Knowledge, understanding and the successful execution of life skills can enhance quality of life, increase self-esteem, and support overall well-being. Contributing in a meaningful way at home, school, on the job, or in the community fosters a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

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