A 5 Is Against the Law! -Autism Awareness

A 5 Is Against the Law: Social Boundaries – a Compassionate but Honest Guide for Teens and Young Adults

Author: Kari Dunn Buron
Publishing Info: Paperback 52 pages / February 2022
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This is the newly revised version of the Autism Society of America Award Winner (2008), A 5 is Against the Law!. The workbook was created especially for adolescents and young adults who have difficulty with social boundaries. The book offers an honest and compassionate look at the kinds of social situations many teens and young adults struggle with.

The author uses a concrete, direct and simple approach, incorporating highly systemized scales and stories, to define and visually illustrate what is meant by social boundaries. The book is written in a very user-friendly style with excellent suggestions and activities that can be done in a 1:1 format or a small group, and with the support of a parent, teacher or therapist.


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