Helping Children to Manage Stress - Autism Awareness

Helping Children to Manage Stress

Author: Deborah Plummer; Illustrated by Alice Harper
Publishing Info: Paperback 112 pages / February 2022
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Facilitating the healthy management of stress is crucial for the social, psychological, and emotional wellbeing and resilience in children. Based on over thirty years of expertise, Deborah Plummer provides varied and straightforward activities for teachers, parents, and therapists to healthily engage with children and help them manage stress. This activity book allows space to explore stress and help children identify some of their worries, whilst also providing help on how to build skills and strategies that will help them recognize normal signs of stress and how to respond to these appropriately. It also explores the potential benefits and enjoyments of positive stress, allowing children to have a healthy relationship with difficult feelings.

This book is one of a series based on the use of imagination (I), mindful play (MP) and creative thinking (CT) to enhance social, psychological and emotional wellbeing and resilience in children. The accompanying ebook Using Imagination, Mindful Play and Creative Thinking to Support Wellbeing and Resilience in Children describes the theory and approach behind how these activities can significantly influence children’s perceptions of themselves and the world.