A Is for "All Aboard!" - Autism Awareness
A Is for "All Aboard!"

A Is for “All Aboard!”

Author: Paula Kluth and Victoria Kluth
Publishing Info: Hardcover 32 pages / October 2009
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The first alphabet book created with children with autism in mind, A Is for “All Aboard!” is the perfect way to foster literacy using children’s fascinations. An ideal complement to Kluth & Chandler-Olcotts “A LandWe Can Share”: Teaching Literacy to Students with Autism, this one-of-a-kind book is:

  • All about trains—one of the most popular interests of children with autism
  • Filled with vibrant, engaging, and uncluttered art
  • Written for children of all reading levels, with vocabulary ranging from basic concepts (bridge) to special train jargon (idler car, monorail)
  • Shaped by feedback from children with autism
  • Complete with helpful teaching tips for educators and parents

Sure to captivate children with autism—and any young train enthusiast—this book will help kids of all ages improve their literacy skills as they learn the ABCs of one of their favorite topics.