My Interoception Workbook - A Guide for Adolescents, Teens and Adults - Autism Awareness
My Interoception Workbook - A Guide for Adolescents, Teens and Adults

My Interoception Workbook – A Guide for Adolescents, Teens and Adults

Author: Kelly Mahler, Chloe Rothschild and Jarvis Alma
Publishing Info: Paperback 120 pages / December 2019
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A great prelude to The Interoception Curriculum!

This interactive workbook is co-written by Kelly Mahler, OT and two self-advocates, Chloe Rothschild and Jarvis Alma. This valuable resource is carefully designed to help the reader:

-Gain a better understanding of interoception
-Learn more about their personal interoception experiences
-Discover ways to outsmart interoception challenges
-Develop methods for identifying and sharing their interoception needs to specific people (e.g., doctor, teacher, boss, etc.)

This workbook can be used with a variety of ages, but it was specifically written for adolescents, teens, and adults. This book can be completed independently, but many people find it helpful to read it with a trusted person.

Overview of the workbook:

Section 1: Interoception and Me

Chapter 1: My Eight Senses
Chapter 2: A Closer Look at Interoception
Chapter 3: Interoception & Emotions
Chapter 4: The Body-Emotion-Action Connection
Chapter 5: Everyone Has Different Interoception Experiences
Chapter 6: What Is My Personal Interoception Level?
Chapter 7: Learning Through Interoception Stories

Section 2: Tips for Outsmarting Interoception Challenges

Chapter 8: How to Use the Tips
Chapter 9: Noticing When I Feel Hungry
Chapter 10: Noticing When I Feel Full
Chapter 11: Noticing When I Feel Thirsty
Chapter 12: Noticing When I Feel Pain/Illness
Chapter 13: Noticing When I Feel Hot/Cold
Chapter 14: Noticing When I Feel Sleepy/Tired
Chapter 15: Noticing When I Need to Go to the Bathroom
Chapter 16: Noticing When I Feel Relaxed
Chapter 17: Noticing When I Feel Anxious/Frustrated

Section 3: Interoception and Others

Chapter 18: Interoception Advocacy Cards

Please note: this resource is not designed to build interoceptive awareness (body-emotion connections), but rather learn tips for exploring and outsmarting or compensating for interoception challenges. These tips can be helpful to put into place before progressing to the development of interoceptive awareness via The Interoception Curriculum and Interoception Activity Cards.


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