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The Parents’ Guide to ADHD Medicines

Author: Peter Hill
Publishing Info: Paperback 256 pages / April 2021
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This reassuring guide explains prescribed ADHD medicines for children in clear, everyday language. Based on questions the author has received from countless families in his work as a Consultant Psychiatrist, the expert information in this book answers the most pressing questions a parent will have about ADHD medicines: how they work, what they do, what is available and how to talk about them to your children.

This book sheds light on why not all medicines are easily available, the differences between certain medications and their level of effectiveness, all based on scientific evidence. This information will support parents in discussions with medical professionals, explaining the practicalities and demystifying the terminology around medication and treatments. The book also provides insights into the decisions behind prescribing certain medicines and how they should be taken. Armed with this guide, parents – as well as teachers and others working with kids with ADHD – can feel confident and assured when their child is prescribed treatments for ADHD.