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Exciting Sensory Bins for Curious Kids

Author: Mandisa Watts
Publishing Info: Paperback 168 pages / October 2020
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Sensory play is important to children’s development, and Mandisa Watts’s creative sensory bins are the perfect way for parents and caregivers to interact with toddlers and preschoolers in fun, engaging ways. With endless options for variations, sensory bins are large tubs or bins that are filled with a variety of materials – such as rice, paper, water, toys, and foliage – for children to poke, prod, squish, and squeeze.

Water sensory bins are the perfect activity for a warm summer afternoon, and kids are sure to love bins like Silly String Water Worms and Arctic Ice Castles. Are the kids bored of some of their once beloved toys? Introduce those toys back into playtime in fun new ways in bins like Shiny Puzzle Hunt and Lego House Painting. You can even use materials found in your pantry to make a Green Pea Smash bin or a Cookie Cutter Painting bin.

A wide variety of exciting activities mean that there’s a bin for toddlers and preschoolers of all ages-and many bins will be engaging and entertaining for everybody from an 15-month-old to kids on the verge of entering kindergarten.

This book has 60 projects and 60 photos.