Parenting Dual Exceptional Children - Autism Awareness

Parenting Dual Exceptional Children

Author: Denise Yates
Publishing Info: Paperback 336 pages / March 2022
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This is the first comprehensive guide for parents of children with Dual and Multiple Exceptionality (DME, sometimes called Twice Exceptionality or 2E). Children with high learning potential may also have conditions such as ASD, ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia, having ‘flashes of brilliance’ in some areas whilst needing additional support in others. As a result, their abilities may not always be recognized in an educational setting.

This book takes a strengths-based approach towards helping parents recognize and focus on their child’s areas of potential to support them towards better attainment and self-esteem, and build on these abilities while also identifying and addressing areas of difficulty. It provides an understanding of the mixed learning profile of DME children, explaining why they excel in some areas but not others, as well as guidance for parents on working positively with schools and providing their child with the support they need.

With stories, quotes from parents and examples throughout, this is an essential guide to helping DME children achieve their full untapped potential.