Happiness and Well-Being on the Autism Spectrum E-Book - Autism Awareness

Happiness and Well-Being on the Autism Spectrum E-Book

Author: Maureen Bennie
Publishing Info: E-Book 41 pages / June 2021
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If you ask a parent what the most important goal is for their child, they would probably say being happy and healthy, yet few supports and plans are developed around this goal; most tend to be developed around the diagnosis of autism and its symptoms. How do we design services or assess quality of life for someone on the spectrum? How do we provide an environment that fosters happiness and why is that important?

Having a positive sense of well-being will help an autistic person in numerous ways. A person who feels happy and fulfilled tends to be more flexible, adaptable, calm, content, and resilient.

Supporting a person’s interests and passions are important because they are motivating, engaging, conversation starters, friendship builders, skill building, employable, meaningful, calming, enhancing, and expandable. Being able to pursue interests and enjoyable activities adds meaning and pleasure to a person’s life.

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