Time Timer 12 Inch - Autism Awareness
Time Timer 12 Inch

Time Timer 12 Inch

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Tangible time management is finally a reality with the Time Timer® line of products. When you need to manage time or teach the concept of time, there is no better tool than a Time Timer. You don’t need to focus on, or understand a traditional clock face to successfully use a Time Timer. This innovative tool constantly reinforces the sense of elapsed time in order to promote better time management. You see and “feel” time elapse as the Time Timer’s dial graphically shows you how much time is left.

Wherever time needs to be measured, the Time Timer line of products offers a unique and superior solution. You can use Time Timer products to:

  • Promote efficient use of time
  • Master the concept of time
  • Encourage autonomy and independence
  • Achieve better time management
  • See elapsed time in a sound-sensitive environment
  • Time repetitive patterns or actions
  • Time exercises, teaching sessions, meetings, homework, duration drills, tests and any other timed activityThe Large Time Timer is designed for classroom and group activities. The large size (12″ square) and bold dial numerals make this timer easier to read for visually impaired users, as well.This model is meant to be wall hung for use by multiple individuals.