Dr. Kenworthy, Lauren - Autism Awareness
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Conference speaker Lauren Kenworthy

Dr. Kenworthy, Lauren, Ph.D.

Dr. Lauren Kenworthy, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Neurology, CNMC, GWU. Dr. Kenworthy is the Director of the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, where she has specialized in the neuropsychological assessment of children with social learning disorders and executive dysfunction since 1998. She has received several grants and published numerous papers investigating the neurocognitve phenotype of autism, with an emphasis on executive function. Dr. Kenworthy has also published the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning (2000), an innovative assessment tool of executive functions, which uses parent and teacher report to measure executive functions in real life contexts. Dr. Kenworthy is an author of the Unstuck and On Target! curriculum, which is currently in press with Brookes Publishing, Inc. She is Co-Principal Investigator on the flexibility intervention, as well as collaborating with investigators at NIMH and Georgetown on fMRI studies in ASD. Additionally, she is the Co-Director of the LEND Autism Spectrum Disorders training program funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau of HRSA.

Teaching Flexibility and Goal Directed Behavior to Children with ASD

A new intervention framework focusing on executive functioning in ASD, including strategies that you can use today, will be presented. Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the importance of executive functioning in ASD.
  2. Understand key principles of intervention with high functioning children with ASD.
  3. Understand the basic components of an innovative school based intervention targeting flexibility and goal directed behavior in children with ASD.


Dr. Kenworthy, Lauren's Past Conference Schedule

March 24, 2011