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Autism Resources in Global

World-wide list of helpful organizations, tools and resource for people with Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s) and their caregivers.

Autism Victoria (Australia)

The peak body for Autism Spectrum Disorders in the state of Victoria.  Our aim is to improve the quality of life for people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders, their family and carers. We also provide a range of services to individuals and agencies with an interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger Syndrome and PDD-NOS.

Autism Welfare Foundation Bangladesh

A non-profitable, non-government, voluntary welfare organization aiming to train and educate the autistic children to perform their maximum strengths and interests and making them able to support themselves.

Autism Western Cape (South Africa)

Autism Western Cape was previously known as the Society for Autistic Children Western Cape and was founded in 1967. Autism Western Cape is  affiliated to Autism South Africa (ASA), Western Cape Directors Forum, Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability, PACSEN and Western Cape Forum for Inclusive Education.

AutismCare Nepal

The only active autism organization in Nepal that is run by passionate parents that care for children with autism. We provide support and information services to persons with autism and people who work with these children in Nepal.

Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral and Communication Difficulties (Bahrain)

Promotes lifelong access and opportunity for all individuals with the behavioral and communication difficulties, and their families, to be fully participating, included members of their community. Education, active public awareness and the promotion of research form the cornerstones of the society’s efforts to carry forth its mission.

Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation (New Zealand)

We are a support oganisation that works on both the national and regional level in New Zealand to help out children and teenagers who have Asperger’s Syndrome. We also aim to assist those who help people with Asperger’s Syndrome such as the person’s family and carers, teachers and professionals

Donna Williams

The website of author Donna Williams who has autism. There are articles, Donna’s blog and much more.

Dubai Autism Center (UAE)

The Center’s mission is to successfully integrate children with Autism into the community through our holistic approach to intervention and therapies, together with our focused efforts to create social awareness about Autism.

Helping to Grow

Australian based company which carries software for teaching children with disabilities including autism.

Himalayan Heart Australia Inc.

A Not For Profit organisation supporting children with Autism and intellectual disabilities in Nepal. Our mission is to provide education, therapy and skills for children with Autism and intellectual disabilities in Nepal. Our aim is to enable them to access the communities they live in, as well as provide support to their families to help them enhance the lives of their children. We also aim to increase awareness and understanding of these disabilities in their local community.


International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication – ISAAC, its 14 Chapters and members in over 50 countries around the world share a vision that. ISAAC will be recognized, valued and used throughout the world. ISAAC undertakes projects and creates information resources that will have an impact on people everywhere who are unable to speak.

KIT- Keeping In Touch

Founded on many years of support, management and training in ASD, we are able to draw upon a wide breadth of knowledge from the entire autistic spectrum. We pride ourselves on producing an innovative and unique tool for day-to-day support, both within the industry and in households. We have created an App for ‘Apple iPad’ which is available now.

Kuwait Center for Autism

Examines all International theories and philosophies of Autism Centers worldwide and maintains contact with all Arab and Foreign universities and Institutes which deal with Autism training programs. We adapt a philosophy that includes international theories and graft them by Islamic tinting and ensuring the Kuwaiti personality.

Manzil Center – UAE

Manzil is a non-profit Center that was officially inaugurated on February 7th 2005 by Sheikha Jameela Mohammed Al Qasimi, Director General, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services. Meaning “Destination” in Urdu or “Home” in Arabic, Manzil caters to 42 students with cognitive disabilities (from 4 years onwards) with a staff of 27 making it a highly qualitative center with a significantly low student to staff ratio. The average experience of our teaching staff in the disability arena is over 13 years.

The organization is now spreading its wings further and is crossing international borders, doing inclusion research & consultancy and is also involved as an intellectual partner with Governmental entities. Manzil’s Ambassador of Inclusion is Chaica S. Al Qassimi. She is also a Self-advocate & representative of Inclusion MENA.