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Autism Resources in Global

World-wide list of helpful organizations, tools and resource for people with Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s) and their caregivers.


Monotropism is a theory of autism developed by autistic people, initially by Dinah Murray and Wenn Lawson. This site is intended to be a central resource for learning about monotropism (as a theory) and monotropism (as a trait).

Motse Wa Badiri Camphill (Botswana)

A person should have the opportunity to realize his potential. In practice this means being able to offer individualized programs that help to counterbalance the limitations caused by disabilities. These programs can, potentially, be very broad including accommodation & board, social support, medical and therapeutic support, life skills training, vocational training and employment; or they can be as basic as offering a job that gives reasonable remuneration.

Nigerian Autistic Society (Nigeria)

Made up of parents, friends, professionals and students dedicated to the education and welfare of autistic people and to raise the visibility of autism and broadens services for individuals who have autism and related disorders of communication and behaviours in Nigeria.

Parent to Parent (New Zealand)

Parent to Parent is a support and information network for parents of children with special needs. Support is provided voluntarily by Trained Support Parents who have a child with the same or similar needs.

Seri Mengasih Centre (Malaysia)

A special developmental centre located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia providing a comprehensive range of training programmes for the intellectually and developmentally disabled and services for their families.


Training, education, and resources for autism in Brunei.

The Learning Resource Centre – LRC (Cairo, Egypt)

The LRC is an independent diagnostic and therapeutic unit, internationally recognized for providing an experienced and comprehensive multi disciplinary assessment and on going management service for children, adolescents and a limited number of adults. At the LRC, we have served around 150 families per year.

Tony Attwood

In this site you will find resources, information on Tony Attwood’s presentation schedule, messages and issues related to Asperger’s Syndrome, and papers he has written on related topics.