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Autism Resources in Ontario

Our list of best links, tools, and resources in Ontario to help support Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s), and related disorders.


Le CRISPESH a pour mission de contribuer au développement et à l’adoption de pratiques sociales visant l’intégration optimale des personnes vivant une situation de handicap, tant dans les milieux dédiés à leur formation que dans ceux où ces personnes seront appelées à exercer leur métier ou leur profession.

Dori Zener and Associates

We are a group of mental health clinicians and neurodivergent peers who are united by a passion to help autistic individuals and their loved ones thrive. The practice emerged from a need for respectful, client-focused psychotherapy and skill development for autistic children, teens, adults and their families.

Our services are guided by a Neurodiversity framework, where individual brain differences are seen as a natural variation of human development. Our therapists utilize the strengths-based INVEST approach to therapy developed by Dori Zener – Identify Needs, Validate, Strengthen, Educate and Thrive.

Dual Diagnosis Resource Unit

Canada’s leading addiction and mental health teaching hospital. CAMH succeeds in transforming the lives of people affected by addiction and mental illness, by applying the latest in scientific advances, through integrated and compassionate clinical practice, health promotion, education and research.

Empowered Kids Ontario

Empowered Kids Ontario (EKO) represents Ontario’s publicly-funded child development and rehabilitation sector. With the united voice of our members, we promote evidence-based investments, policies and programs enabling smart, innovative approaches and service delivery so kids with special needs and their families live their best lives.

Families Matter Co-operative Inc.

A member-driven, not-for-profit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of people with developmental disabilities, their families and their friends.

Geneva Centre for Autism

Provides training for professionals and clinical intervention services for children with autism.

Health Dynamics (Ottawa and Toronto)

Medical Heilkunst and the medicine of Homeopathy will have you feeling and being stronger and healthier. Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders and all types of health issues, ailments, illnesses, conditions etc. can be done successfully by understanding the nature of health and dis-ease, getting to and treating the root causes with natural medicine. Results can be seen as the layers of dis-ease are removed.

Hospital for Sick Children – Toronto

One of the largest paediatric academic health science centres in the world, with an international reputation for excellence in health care, research, and teaching.

Inclusions East Inc.

A non-profit organization that provides comprehensive services including vocational/day supports, community support, employment, and residential services for people with an intellectual disability.

Integra – Toronto

Dedicated to helping children and adolescents who experience social, emotional and behavioural problems related to their learning disabilities.

Kerry’s Place Autism Services

Is committed to enhancing the quality of life of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, through innovative personalized supports, expertise, collaboration and advocacy.

Kids Can, Mississauga

A centre that provide social opportunities for children with autism. Programs focus on building functional verbal and non-verbal communication skills through a variety of interactive activities.

Kids Psychological Centre Childrens’ Clinical & School Psychology Services

Kids Psychological Centre provides child psychology services that include comprehensive psychoeducational assessment, diagnostic assessment to inform evidence-based treatment planning, and consultation for children & adolescents from 5 to 21 years of age. Their primary focus is to provide personal, friendly service in a professional and caring environment.