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Other Disabilities Resources in Manitoba

Not all of our resources and tools are autism-specific; they can be helpful with disabilities as well. Search our resources section for all information pertaining to "other disabilities".

Autism Society Manitoba

Dedicated to the promotion of quality of life for people with Pervasive Development Disorder/Autism and their families. Our educational resources, advocacy, and structured social opportunities are a benefit to families and professionals and make a significant contribution to our community.

Community Living Manitoba

Dedicated to the full inclusion in the community of persons of all ages who live with an intellectual disability.

Community Living Winnipeg

Community Living Winnipeg is an organization that works on behalf of families and individuals living with an intellectual disability.

Healthy Child Manitoba

The Province of Manitoba, with its community partners, has developed a continuum of programs and services for children, youth and families.

Independent Living Resource Centre

Promotes and enables the progressive process of citizens with disabilities taking the responsibilities for the development and management of personal and community resources.


Believes that all people deserve the opportunity to live and work in the community where they are respected and rewarded for their efforts, skills and accomplishments.

Macdonald Youth Services

A registered charitable organization that provides children and their families with a range of quality treatment and support services since 1929. We are a child-centered, family-focused treatment agency, committed to a systemic approach in the delivery of our programs and services. Serves the cities of Winnipeg and Thompson.

Manitoba Association for Behaviour Analysis (MABA)

Our purpose and mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge about behaviour analysis as a science. MABA’s interests lie in basic science focusing on principles governing human and nonhuman behaviour (i.e., the experimental analysis of behavior) as well as applied science focusing on application of those principles for improvement of socially important problems (i.e., the applied behaviour analysis), and disseminating this information to stimulate interest in and correct misunderstandings of behaviour analysis.

Manitoba Child Care Association

A non-profit, membership-funded, non-partisan organization incorporated in 1974. Our mission is to advocate for a quality system of child care, to advance early childhood education as a profession, and to provide services to our members.

Manitoba Education – School Support

Provides information and contacts for parents, teachers, resource teachers, schools and school divisions regarding special education, funding, published documents and educational programming.

Manitoba FEAT

A group of families in the province of Manitoba, Canada who promote and support treatments proven to be effective for autism and related disorders.