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Sensory processing or "sensory integration" (SI) is a term that refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate motor and behavioural responses. Search our resource area for everything pertaining to "sensory integration".

DIY Gardening

DIY Gardening’s guide to creating a sensory garden for those with autism.

Everyday Regulation

Inspired by trends towards inclusion and feedback from Whole Body Listening Larry users (and critics), we brainstormed a new direction for our resources.  We recognized that the old way of teaching Whole Body Listening focused on how listeners were presenting on the outside (i.e. eyes on the speaker, hands still in lap, etc.) instead of what they were processing on the inside (i.e. what they were actually comprehending).  Everyday Regulation was born from a desire to help shift educators’ approach to teaching learners to listen from speaker-centered to listener-centered. We are creating new resources that will revise the way educators teach the skill of listening to be more inclusive of all learners. Our goal is to help challenge and change assumptions about what it means to listen with your whole body.


Author Carol Kranowitz’s website. Carol specializes in sensory integration dysfunction.

Therapy in Praxis (North Yorkshire)

An independent paediatric assessment and therapy practice which offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment programmes designed to help a child to achieve sensory integration.

Zone In

A sensory integration program, information about sensory issues, workshops and resources.