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Therapies Resources in United Kingdom

Looking specifically for therapies, or therapists that can help with autism related disorders? Search or help and resources area for all information pertaining to "therapies".

Alternative Choices

An independent practice offering counseling and  psychotherapy with experienced, dedicated psychotherapists and licensed psychologists to children, adolescents and adults.  Since each individual and family is unique, our treatment strategies are tailored to address that uniqueness and help you get on the road to healing and growth.  Effective psychotherapy is empowering.

British Association of Play Therapists

The Association of Play Therapists was founded in 1992 by a group of now respected practitioners who introduced and pioneered Play Therapy within Britain.

Rebound Therapy Dot Org

Rebound Therapy it is the use of trampolines to provide therapeutic exercise and therapy for people with a wide range of special needs.This website exists to provide an opportunity for those involved in Rebound Therapy to publish and share their experiences and for students and practitioners to find and request information.

Therapy in Praxis (North Yorkshire)

An independent paediatric assessment and therapy practice which offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment programmes designed to help a child to achieve sensory integration.