The New Transition Handbook: Strategies High School Teachers Use that Work!

The New Transition Handbook: Strategies High School Teachers Use that Work!

Author: Carolyn Hughes Ph.D., Erik W. Carter Ph.D.
Publishing Info: Paperback w/CD-ROM 232 pages / 2012
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To help students with disabilities make a smooth transition from high school to adulthood, you need proven and practical strategies that prepare them for success in an increasingly complex world. You’ll find more than 500 research-based, teacher-tested support strategies in The New Transition Handbook—the modern transition guide for today’s students and the professionals who support them. The revised edition of Hughes & Carter’s bestselling The Transition Handbook, this thoroughly updated guide is everything transition teams want: it’s ultra-practical, fast and easy to navigate, cost-effective, and reflects the latest research and legislation affecting young adults with disabilities. Packed with ready-to-use strategies for teaching key skills and developing effective school and community supports, this is the ultimate guide to helping students

  • achieve self-determination
  • access the general curriculum
  • increase social acceptance and participation
  • set and reach individualized goals
  • strengthen positive behavior
  • prepare for postsecondary education
  • develop employment skills
  • access community resources
  • learn critical functional skills

With the convenient “menu” format, you can flip right to the strategies you need without having to page through the entire book. And the included CD-ROM gives you more than 25 printable checklists and observational forms that address social skills, classroom supports, job satisfaction, modified grading, and more. Keep this guidebook at your fingertips year after year, and you’ll provide effective, individualized support for young people with disabilities as they begin fulfilling, self-determined adult lives.

With more on today’s most critical transition topics!

  • transition assessment
  • new technology
  • post-secondary education
  • community-based instruction
  • student-directed planning and learning


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