Dogs and Autism - Autism Awareness
Dogs And Autism

Dogs and Autism

Author: Annie Bowes
Publishing Info: Paperback 133 pages / March 2019
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Author and veterinarian Annie Bowes discovered at a young age that having a dog was invaluable. From encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle to providing unmatched emotional and social support, a dog is the perfect companion for anyone, but especially those with autism. Bowes discusses the countless ways the understanding, acceptance, and boundless love of a dog benefits everyone-particularly those on the spectrum.

Some topics include:

The “Pet Effect”
Finding the Right Dog for You
The Human-Animal Bond: The Science is There
Training Your Dog
Dogs are Heroes
Dogs Understand Autism
And more!

True acceptance doesn’t come with that high of a price tag—it comes with a wagging tail and four legs.


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