The Loving Push - Autism Awareness
The Loving Push

The Loving Push

Author: Temple Grandin, Ph.D. and Debra Moore, Ph.D.
Publishing Info: Paperback 280 pages / March 2016
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Parents, teachers, therapists, and anyone who cares about a child or teen on the autism spectrum need this essential road map to prepare our youth for being successful adults in today’s world. Best-selling author, autism advocate, and animal science professor Dr. Temple Grandin joins psychologist and autism specialist Dr. Debra Moore in spelling out what steps you can take to restore your child’s hope and motivation, and what you must avoid. Eight life stories told by people on the autism spectrum, including chapters on subjects like how to get kids off their computers, how to build on their strengths and get back to caring about their lives, and how to find a path to a successful, meaningful life make this a “must-read book.”


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